Let’s Move On by Deborah Nam-Krane

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 Let’s Move On
by Deborah Nam-Krane
Series: The New Pioneers
Release date:
September 29th, 2014
Genre: Contemporary
Zainab has spent years keeping Emily from going
over the edge, giving Miranda a shoulder to cry on and nursing Jessie back to
health. They’ll be the first to agree that she she deserves whatever makes her
happy, especially after the drama Richard put her through. But did she have to
choose the guy who threw everyone’s lives into the shredder?
Richard knows he screwed up and he’d do anything
to get Zainab back- but first he needs to make sure his company -and his loyal
employees- don’t go under. (Who knew kicking your primary investor to the curb
would have consequences?) Good thing his family has such deep pockets; too bad
he doesn’t want to take a cent from them. Why should Zainab take him back if he
can’t get out of his own way?
Maybe Zainab can eat her cake and have it too-
that is, until she’s given an ultimatum. The choice isn’t Lover A or B; it’s
protecting her friends or letting them fend for themselves. With that hanging
over her head, what’s it going to take to make sure she and everyone else can
finally move on?
Let’s Move On is Book Four in The New
Pioneers series


Family You Choose
(September 2013) 
China Doll
(March 2014).
Author Info

Deborah Nam-Krane is a writer living in Boston proper who has been
storytelling since she was a little girl and writing those stories down since she
was eight. Any given day will find her reading, writing, reviewing, editing
and, just for fun, homeschooling her three school-aged children (she’s very
grateful the fourth is now college-aged).
The best way to keep in touch is to follow her blog Written By Deb and subscribe to her newsletter (only publishing
announcements, never spam)
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