A peek into Christmas Confusion #Chicklit #Comedy


~A peek into Christmas Confusion.~

“Hello,” Greg waved his hands in Max’s face blocking Max’s vision of the road. “Am I talking to myself here?” Greg asked.

Max pulled into the parking lot of the Pancake Shack.
“You can have the Jag,” he told his brother as he put the truck in park.

Greg’s jaw dropped. “You’re lying. I know you are. You’ve got to be. It’s December, not April and I’m no fool. No one just gives away a Jaguar.”

Max got out of the truck. “Think of it as an early Christmas present.”

“Nuh uh,” Greg said, as he closed the passenger side door. “I can’t accept it. I want it and I plan to drive it if you let me, but I can’t accept it as a gift.”

Max shrugged, he had no intention of driving it. It could continue sitting in the parking lot like it had been for the past six months. He took it around the block every now and then, just to make sure it was still running. But he had no intention of making it his everyday car. If Greg wanted to drive it, he could.

“Drive it whenever you want.” Max held the door to the Pancake Shack open for his brother. Greg walked into the restaurant still babbling on and on about the car Max hated.

“Do you know how many guys I can attract with a car like that? Way more than I get with my Focus. I think I may take it for a spin tonight. You wanna come with me? We could do a guys’ night out.”

Max groaned. Not another guys’ night out. He couldn’t handle it. A waitress stepped up and handed them both a menu before showing them to their table.

“I’m not falling for that again,” Max whispered to his brother. “The last guys’ night out you talked me into ended very badly.”

The brothers sat down at their table. The waitress told them she would be right back.

“It didn’t end that badly. You’re just uptight,” Greg whispered.

“You took me to a gay club, Greg.”

“Well, in my defense,” Greg shrugged. “You did tell me that you were tired of women, all women. Don’t blame me for assuming Beth had turned you against women in general. I know some guys who used to be into girls, then they got hurt by a girl and decided that they would rather be with a man. I thought you were going through the same thing. I apologized, no hard feelings. You really need to get over that one night. The next time things will be different, I promise.”

Max shook his head. There wouldn’t be a next time. The waitress returned to take their order. He noticed the way she stood closer to his side of the table as she told them about the specials they had going on. Max glanced at Greg who was grinning at him like a fool.

“I think she likes you,” Greg mouthed to him.

Thankfully the waitress was too busy staring at him to pay any attention to his brother.

Max chuckled and looked down at his menu. After the waitress was
done with her obligatory speech, Max and Greg ordered their usual breakfast: pancakes, sausage, eggs, hash browns and coffee – black. She took their menus and smiled politely.

“Do I know you from somewhere?” The cute blonde asked him.

“Uh,” Max rubbed his hands over his faded jeans. “No, I don’t think so.” She was pretty, very pretty. He was sure he would remember her if he’d met her before.

“Are you sure? You look so familiar.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. We’ve never met.”

Their eyes connected. She blushed and all he could think about was how her hair was the wrong color. She was a little too tall and her eyes didn’t contain that small hint of sadness that made him want to wrap his arms around her and shield her from whatever was causing her pain. Basically, she wasn’t Bailey and he wasn’t interested. Max pasted his best, thank you but I’m not interested, smile on his face as they stared at each other for a few more awkward seconds.

“Okay,” the blonde tapped her nails against the back of the menus.
“I will have the cooks start on your orders. Be back in a jiff.”

When the waitress walked away, Max was able to exhale. Greg started up again, not allowing him a moment of peace.

“Okay,” his brother let out an exaggerated sigh. “That was the most uncomfortable five minutes of my life. I mean seriously, what the hell is up with you? You basically just snubbed a hot waitress.”

Max leaned back in his chair, stretching his legs, as he observed the other patrons of the Pancake Shack while he waited on his food.

“I take it blonde waitresses are not your type. Is it safe to say that brunette neighbors are? Wait, you don’t have to answer that. I already know the answer. So what are you going to do about Bailey?”

“I was in the process of asking her out before you interrupted us.”

“Nuh uh, why didn’t you say something, give me a sign or something?”

“I did give you a sign. I jerked my head, which meant take a hike.”

“I thought you were just stretching your neck. Seriously, I would have left. I like our little Bailey. She’s cute.”

Bailey was more than cute and she wasn’t their little Bailey. She was his little Bailey, or she would be, as soon as he figured out how to get her to like him.

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