My Heart, My Gift by Corrissa James #TeaserTuesday #Review #Romance


Today, I’m sharing my review of My Heart, My Gift by Corrissa James.


This is a great holiday romance.

First of all, I loved the main character’s name, Serafina Anderson. Isn’t that cute? Though Sera came with baggage, she was a lovable character and easy to relate to. When she first met Andrew Clark, he had a chip on his shoulder. Soon that chip began to melt away and the two of them grew closer. Watching them fall in love was fun.

They both have issues to deal with, but they’ll learn that together, they can overcome anything. This is a fun, clean romance and I definitely recommend it.


Can the big city girl convince the small-town cowboy to give Christmas a second chance? Or will the secret she hides destroy any chance of a relationship between them?

When Serafina Anderson makes a mess of her first semester of college, she does what she knows best: avoids facing her parents. This time she runs away to spend her winter vacation at the ranch of her cousin, Trish. Her escapades also lead her right into the arms of Andrew Clark, the small town’s most notorious troublemaker. But Sera sees beyond Andrew’s crass nature and recognizes that the bad boy isn’t as bad as everyone makes him out to be.

Andrew Clark hates Christmas—at least he has since his parents died. He refuses to buy into the commercialism of the holiday and does his best to shove the hurt he feels down so deep inside him that no one will ever find it. So when Sera ignores his bad temper and rude remarks, he wonders if he’s finally found the angel who can rescue him from himself—until he discovers that she’s been lying to him all along.

Corrissa James offers this clean and inspirational love story to remind us that opening our hearts to others can be the greatest gift of all.

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