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Today I’m sharing a teaser from my alter ego’s new release, Nowhere To Run. Nowhere To Run is a suspense novel with romantic elements. This drama filled story will leave you on the edge of your seat. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for 0.99.


How did a text message lead to blood on her hands?
Melanie Pittman never should’ve responded to the message her boss sent, demanding she join the festivities at his mansion. With her job on the line, she showed up, only to flee moments later, covered in her boss’s blood.
And his son had watched her flee.

She’d known his willingness to not turn her in was too good to be true. Now he’s blackmailing her: sex for silence. The only thing making this situation worse was the fact that she enjoyed the things he did to her. The way he handled her body, the dirty things he said to her, she loved it all, even though she knew he would never think of her as anything other than a toy he could play with, manipulate. He held her freedom in his hands.

And now his older, more ruthless brother knows what she’s done.
What will it take to keep him silent?


“Melanie,” he called from the other side of the door. “I know you’re scared. Hell, you have every right to be. But I know you did what you did in self defense.”

Melanie swallowed. Was he telling her this just to get her to open the door? He had no idea what happened in that library. What she did could’ve been done out of spite for all he knew. Yet here he was, claiming he knew why she’d done it.


“Look Melanie, my father and I haven’t been close for years. I know I should be sad over his loss. But I’m not. I’m more worried about you than I am him. He hurt so many women. I’m surprised this is just now happening. Let me help you. I can make this go away.”

Could he really help her? He had the money and the connections. If the son of the deceased said she didn’t do it, the cops had to look elsewhere for a killer. They would never find one and this would end up a cold case.

She really needed someone to believe in her right now. And with no family of her own to turn to, Mason could be her only hope. Still, he was Edwin’s son. This didn’t feel right. Trust your gut, she told herself.

“Melanie, I promise I can protect you. You just got to let me in.”

She didn’t want to live her life on the run. She also didn’t want to spend her life in prison. Melanie lowered her gun. Mason Rochester wanted to help her. He would protect her. Was she being naïve?

Hell yes. She aimed her gun at the door. She’d never shot it outside of the gun range before. Tonight would be a night of many firsts for her. Another tear trailed down her cheek. She was a good person.

Why was this happening to her? She’d never hurt anyone before tonight. She always tithed at church. She always tipped the wait staff at restaurants. She treated everyone with respect no matter their race, religion, or sexual orientation. So why the hell was karma fucking her over?

“Come on Melanie. I’m the only one who saw you. My dad’s home is swarming with cops. I snuck out to make sure you were okay, but I have to get back soon. My brother can only cover for me for so long.”

Still she hesitated. She wanted to believe him. She desperately needed someone to be on her side. But if he was lying, that would be it for her. Her life would be over. There would be no one to look out for her grandmother. How sad was it, that her only purpose in life was to care for her grandmother?

“Listen, after I found out he’d died, I went into the security room and removed all of the footage. I destroyed the only evidence that could link you to the crime.”

That wasn’t true. All of the evidence wasn’t destroyed. He could still link her to the crime. One word from him and her life would be over. Still, if he was willing to keep his mouth shut, she would be free. She wouldn’t have to run. It wasn’t like she had anywhere to go anyway.

“Melanie, I’m going to ask one more time, then I’m leaving. Let me in. If you don’t, I have no choice but to tell the police what I saw. I didn’t have to come here. I’m doing this for you.”

She wasn’t so sure about that. The apple never fell far from the tree. She wasn’t foolish enough to believe he didn’t have his own objectives. But what choice did she have? Her grandmother needed her and Mason was offering her a way out. She had to take it.

God help me.

Melanie raced back down the hall to her bedroom and opened her top drawer. She shoved the loaded gun inside before returning to the front door. After taking a deep breath, she reached for the lock on her door.

Her hand trembled against the cold lock. Nerves made her stomach ache and her head throb. It was either Mason or jail, she told herself as she unlocked the door and pulled it open. A December breeze blew into her home sending chills over her flesh.

She stared up into the smiling face of Mason Rochester.

The devil in Armani.


Nowhere to run is only 0.99 and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!


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