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Chapter One

Nerd Girl Problem: Trying to choose between Princess Leia and Padmé Amidala. #LoveThemBoth #StarWarsFanatic

Her mission, if she chose to accept it, was simple. All April had to do was attend a last minute dinner party with her boss on Wednesday night, and in return he would allow her to have Thursday through Saturday off to attend a Star Wars Costume Party. It was the easiest mission she’d ever had. It was also the only mission she’d ever had, but she was still excited about it.She couldn’t believe an hour or two at a dinner party was going to get her a few days off from work.

April pushed her glasses up her nose while she stared down at her Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan outfit. Choosing Leia over Padmé had been a hard decision to make. In the end she’d chosen Leia because the costume was just too cute to resist. A huge grin spread across her face. She was going to look just like the Star Wars Princess and might even win the costume contest.

A new thought occurred to her, she wondered if the winner would receive a trophy or cold hard cash. It didn’t really matter to her as long as she won. Unable to sit still, April tapped her feet against the floor as nervous energy flowed through her, demanding to be set free. She still couldn’t believe she was going to this convention. She would be able to say, ‘May the fourth be with you,’ to a complete stranger without having them look at her like she was a nut job. She bit her lip trying to contain her excitement.

Excited wasn’t a strong enough word to describe how she felt about the Star War’s Costume Party. As teens, her and her two best friends always dreamed of going to one of the conventions, but they never had the chance or the money to make the journey. Now that they were grown and actually had the money to go, they didn’t have time to. The real world and work kept them busy.
Who knew being an adult meant you had to work long hours every day, all day, forever?

April and her friends barely had time to hang out even though they were roommates. Their different jobs and different shifts kept them from doing the wild things they normally did, like making root beer floats on their back patio late at night. Or staying up late watching the science channel, learning about new planets that mankind didn’t know existed until recently. April sighed. She missed the good ole days.

Luckily for her and her friends, a local drama club was hosting a Star Wars themed summer costume party. The party was open to the public and it was scheduled to last for three days. How cool was that?

For three whole days she would get to be around people who loved Star Wars just as much as she did. She would be around people just as nerdy as she was, and she wouldn’t have to feel like a geek or abnormal, as her sister called her. They would accept her as she was.

April resisted the urge to pull out her phone and post a new status update on her social media site. Who was she kidding? There was no way she could resist doing it. She opened her desk drawer and dug around in her purse until she found her phone. She quickly pulled up the app she was looking for and begin to type her post.

Soon my girls and I will be partying like rock stars with Darth Vader.
#HowYouLoveThat #WhatYouKnowAboutDarthVader #StarWars ~

A few seconds passed then the replies and reposting she’d expected took place. Her roommates were the first ones to reply. Nicole posted:

I’m ready.
#InMySpongeBobVoice #InLoveWithLuke #LukeIAmYourLover ~

Her roommate Robyn posted.

I stay ready to party. #NerdGirlsPartyHard #ILoveYoda #WeTheBest ~

April laughed as she reread their words. They were just as shy and goofy as she was, but online they were the Nerd Squad and together they had thousands of followers. There were dozens of other replies from some of her followers. She didn’t have time to read them all right now. April turned her phone off and tucked it back into her purse. She felt like jumping up and down she was so giddy with excitement, but she restrained herself.

Partly because she was at work and didn’t want her boss to see her acting childish. There was no need for her to give him more reasons to view her as just a little girl. She’d heard him call her by that title last week when a colleague of his called. He’d been standing next to her desk when she answered the phone and instead of taking the call in his office he’d decided to sit on her desk and converse with his friend.

The guy on the other end must’ve asked about her because Dr. Stewart had laughed and said, ‘who April, no you cannot talk to my secretary. No Morgan, she’s just a little girl. She’s nothing like the uptight women you’re used to.” April had blushed and looked away but not before seeing him wink at her.
She needed to put her costume away before he saw it and began questioning her on why a grown woman was in possession of a Star Wars costume.

Just a little girl.

That comment still stung. April opened her desk drawer and slid her unopened costume into the tiny space. The first thing she was going to do when she got home was put the cute ensemble on and then she was going to model it for her friends. They were going to love it. She’d purchased it at the costume store down the street while on her lunch break.

She hadn’t had time to try it on in the store, but she knew she was a size small so she grabbed the first small she saw, purchased it, and hurried back to work. Now, she needed to get her mind off parties and back on her job.

April stared at the computer screen in front of her and tried to focus on the words that were staring back at her, but…she couldn’t. All she could think about was getting home to tell her roommates she was going to have Thursday through Saturday off. This was going to be her first free weekend since she started working at Dr. Stewart’s office eight months ago, and she was glad he agreed to give it to her.

She didn’t understand why she had to work weekends anyway. She was a secretary and secretaries were only supposed to work Monday through Friday, or at least that was what she believed until she was interviewed for this position. Working on Saturdays kind of sucked, but that was all irrelevant this weekend. This weekend she wouldn’t be writing down appointment dates or answering disturbing questions from patients who had odd rashes in odd places, she would be partying. Her, a party girl, those words didn’t go together, but soon they would. April screamed inside of her head.

Calm down, April.

She took a deep breath. Her lunch break was almost over, and she had work to get done. She shook her head, trying to clear it of anything not pertaining to the patients’ charts in front of her. She had charges to calculate, data to input and schedules to update, which meant she had a lot to do before five o’clock came and she clocked out to go home.

With a workload this large, she shouldn’t be slowly reaching down to open her desk drawer. Nor should she be pulling the drawer open and sneaking another peak at the costume hidden within it, but she was.
She couldn’t help it. The costume was so cute. She needed to look at it one more time. She wanted to touch it again, to make sure it was real.

“April.” A deep voice startled her.

She slammed her desk drawer shut quickly, too quickly. Her finger got caught in the drawer. She sealed her lips close as a scream bubbled up inside of her. She didn’t let it out. Not even when tiny tremors of pain began to race through her fingers and hand. It felt like a thousand needles were pricking her fingers. She grimaced, and then tried to turn the expression into a smile as she stared up at her boss, Dr. Stewart.

Oh it hurt so badly.

“Yes, sir.” April spoke through clenched teeth. Using her hand that wasn’t throbbing she pushed her glasses up her nose. They slipped down again. The blasted spectacles just wouldn’t stay in place. Dr. Stewart smiled at her, causing her heart to do a somersault.
He’s so dreamy.
Her arm felt numb.

“Are you still on break?” he asked her, oblivious to the pain she was in.

“No, sir,” but she should be.

It was only twelve forty-five. She was allowed an hour lunch, from twelve to one, but she never took a whole hour. She usually took thirty minutes then came back to her desk to read romance stories her roommate Nicole wrote and emailed to her for her to critique.
She loved reading Nicole’s naughty stories. April always imagined herself as the main character and pictured herself being wooed like the heroine in the story. For some odd reason she always pictured her hero as a tall handsome man with blond hair and blue eyes.

“Great,” her tall blond haired, blue-eyed boss said. “Go ahead and unlock the door. I think that’s my one o’clock appointment waiting in the parking lot. I figure if we get these people in a little bit earlier today, maybe we can close down early.”

April nodded her head, but she knew closing early, ever, was just a whimsical wish. People always piled into the clinic at the last minute, whether they had an appointment or not. However, she’d never disagree with her boss. He was the one who signed her paychecks. He was the one giving her three days off this week. He was the one staring at her while she had a mental conversation with herself.

“Okay, sir.” April stood up from behind her desk. Her hand felt a little bit better. It was no longer throbbing and her arm was no longer numb.

“I will let them in and get them signed in. Just buzz me when you’re ready for me to send one back.” April walked around her desk, but stopped when she realized Dr. Stewart hadn’t moved. He simply stood there, blocking her from walking to the front door. She stared at him through the clear lens of her prescription glasses wondering why he was just standing there.

Didn’t he say he wanted to get started early so he could close down early?

Had she imagined that? Her glasses slid down her nose again and before she could push them back up, Dr. Stewart did it for her. April swallowed when his hand brushed the top of her nose. That brief moment when his skin touched hers felt good.

No, there had to be a better word for the feeling she just felt.
Good was such a simple word and it didn’t capture the essence of what she just experienced. What she just felt was magical.
His touch felt magical!

The way he looked at her made her tingle all over, but the look disappeared just as quickly as it came, causing her to wonder if she imagined it. She hadn’t imagined it. Her imagination wasn’t wild enough to conjure up that kind of look. He’d looked at her like she was delicious.

April read about those kinds of looks in the books Nicole wrote. She wanted to call Nicole right now to tell her she’d just experienced a delicious look. Wow! Her roommate wouldn’t believe her. But wait, if he viewed her as ‘just a little girl’ why would he give her the delicious look?

Dr. Stewart cleared his throat, a clear sign their delicious moment was over.

“I’ve been meaning to ask you something,” he said. “Are you sure you want to accompany me to dinner with my client and friends?” He shoved his hands into his scrub pockets. “I know its short notice, and you may have other things planned.”

Does Obi-Wan Kenobi wear a robe?
Of course she wanted to accompany him.

How could she resist such a sweet deal? For one night of wining and dining with some of Chicago’s top medical doctors, she would receive three days off to hang out with some of Indiana’s wildest die-hard Star Wars fans. She was definitely going to accompany him.
She’d accompany him to hell and back for this weekend off. Well, maybe that was taking things a little too far. She’d accompany him to the entrance of hell and back. Yeah, that was better.

“No plans.” She smiled at him. “I’m actually kind of excited about going.”

“You are?” For a moment he looked surprised then he laughed. “I think you’re more excited about having three days off than you are about going to dinner with me.”

True, she was so excited she felt like she was about to explode.

“Well, I will admit I am excited to have my first weekend off, ever.” She winked at him when he raised his eyebrows.
She really didn’t mind working weekends. It was just this particular weekend making her feel like this. It had nothing to do with Dr. Stewart as a person. In fact, Dr. Stewart was a wonderful boss and she enjoyed working for him.

When she first came to his clinic for her interview she’d expected him to be an older gentleman with gray hair. She’d expected a distinguished looking professional who would enunciate his words perfectly.

She’d already had a mental picture of him in her head and it resembled her grandpa. When Dr. Chad Stewart came out to greet her that day, he’d shattered all her grandpa-like images with his young, handsome good looks. Tall, dirty blonde hair, muscular in all the right places, he was every girl’s fantasy.
Being somewhat a nerd and an introvert, April thought working for a young handsome man like Dr. Stewart would be intimidating, but she found she liked it. He never belittled her or treated her like she was beneath him.

She hated when people treated her like she was beneath them.

He never made crude remarks or unwanted advances toward her. He was the perfect boss, the perfect gentleman, the perfect man.
Stop fantasizing, April.
Dr. Stewart leaned against her desk and folded his arms over his chest.

“I take it you wish you had more Fridays and Saturdays off?”

April shrugged. “Not every Friday and Saturday, but every now and then it would be nice to have a free weekend to go out of town or something.”

His smile deepened, causing her heart to melt again. Was she crushing on her boss?
She couldn’t be!
She was just a sucker for cute smiles. And his smile was the cutest she’d ever seen.

“Have you ever thought that maybe I don’t want you to have weekends off because I don’t know what I would do without you here with me for two whole days?”

Say what?
April opened her mouth then closed it again. She didn’t know what to say.

“I mean,” he continued, looking a little embarrassed. “If you were off, who would keep the patient’s entertained while they waited in the lobby. Mrs. Thompson told me she enjoys trading recipes with you while she waits to see me and old Mr. Thompson said he likes that you keep his wife distracted so he can nap while he waits. Without you, what would they do?”

April frowned, so he needed her like a circus needed a lion tamer. Great.

“I’m sure the patients would be okay without me for a day or two.” So would you, apparently.

“Why do you need weekends off? So you and your friends can go to wild college parties? How old are you again?”

Wild college parties, really?
Why was he being so nosy all of a sudden?
Did she look like the type to go to wild parties?
Was he trying to be humorous?
He knew how old she was and knew she didn’t do wild parties. Girls like her never got invited to parties.

“I’m twenty-two, and no, I don’t want to go to any wild parties.” Maybe just one, before she died. “My roommates and I could go to a movie or something if I had a Friday off every now and then.”

She made sure she added every ‘now and then,’ because working weekends wasn’t what kept her from going to the movies. She could go to a movie after she got off work, but the tickets were cheaper if you went around ten or eleven in the morning.
Unfortunately, she worked at ten or eleven in the morning and couldn’t catch the cheaper movies. She was a bargain hunter and hated paying regular price for anything, much to her mother’s chagrin.

“Let me be sure I got this straight. You’re twenty-two and want the weekends off to go to the movies? Really?”
April nodded. What was wrong with going to the movies? Everyone loved movies?

“This is just my opinion so don’t take it personal. I think you need to get out more, April. Most young women don’t consider the movies a wild night out on the town.”

That was the same thing her sister told her. Why was everyone so concerned with what she did in her spare time?

“I’m not trying to pry into your life,” Dr. Stewart continued. “I’m just your boss and it’s not my place to tell you what to do and what not to do but, I just think it’s healthy for a young woman like yourself to experience more of the world. You should do more, get out more.”

“Whoa,” she had to stop him there. “I get out all the time.” April folded then unfolded the edges of a piece of paper on her desk. She knew how to be wild. “Just last week after I got off work, my roommate Nicole and I went to the book store. We sat in the back reading books and eating doughnuts until the store closed. They had to make us leave.”

April smiled. Being forced to leave the book store had made her feel like a badass. She should get herself a T-shirt made that said rebel. No, she needed one that read ‘badass rebel’. Maybe she should order her and Nicole some shirts. Dr. Stewart laughed at her drawing her thoughts away from the cute shirts she wanted to have made.
“The book store,” he said and laughed louder.
She didn’t know what was so funny. They really had stayed at ‘Books for Us’ until it closed. The cashier had to ask them to leave twice, not once, twice.

“Is staying out all night at a book store really your idea of a good time?”

Well, yeah.
What else did he expect her to be doing?
Duh, April, he expects you to do the things normal girls your age do.

Her conscience could be such a bitch sometimes.
Why did it have to remind her that she wasn’t like most girls? Never had been, never would be. She didn’t want to have a summer fling or go to concerts, get drunk and pass out on Lake Shore Drive. High-risk sexual activity and hangovers were not something she wanted to experience.

April stared into Dr. Stewart’s eyes. Was that pity she saw in the depths of his baby blues? Old insecurities from her high school days began to creep upon her. Words like lame, nerd girl and plain Jane began to float around in her head. Those were a few of the ‘nicer’ names bullies called her when she was younger. She didn’t want his pity. She wasn’t lame.

“Is it, April? Is that your idea of fun?” he asked her again, no longer laughing.

Yep, that was definitely pity she saw in his eyes.
April smiled and lied, “Just kidding. Dr. Stewart, I really thought you caught on quicker than that. What grown woman considers going to the book store a wild night out on the town? You actually believed me, didn’t you? Must be old age catching up to you.”
His laughter returned and she found she liked the sound of it even though she knew he was laughing at her not with her. She still didn’t find anything funny about this conversation.

“Old age, huh?”

“Yep, don’t feel bad. We all have to grow old one day.”

“I’ll have you know I am only twenty-eight. In fact, I just turned twenty-eight last month.”

He looked even younger than that. The older patients he treated always complained he was too young to know what he was talking about while the younger ones, ladies, always tried to slip him their number.

“I remember,” April thought back to his birthday. His sister had brought him a cake to the office. “There was red velvet cake,” she told him.

“There was?” He frowned.

April shook her head. “You don’t remember? Well, you are pushing on thirty,” April joked. “I can already see you’re becoming forgetful, a clear sign of old age.”

“Forgetful? I’m not forgetful.” The frown on his face was adorable.

“Apparently you are. You forgot your office party and now you’ve forgotten what your plans for today were. It’s one o’clock and I still haven’t let the patients in, which means we won’t be going home early today.”

“Damn.” Dr. Stewart moved away from her desk. “I forgot.”

“Told you.” April laughed as she stepped around him.

“I don’t mean forgot in the true sense of the word. I mean you distracted me.”

“Call it what you want. The rest of us call it old age. Don’t worry. When you get too far gone I’ll buy you a T-shirt that reads ‘If lost please return to the clinic’ and I’ll list the clinic’s address on the back of it.”

She could hear his laughter behind her as they parted ways. She headed to the front door as he headed to his office. April unlocked the door and the afternoon madness began. Within an hour, the lobby room was full of patients. She forced herself not to cringe when a few of them coughed too close to her.

The sign on the wall clearly stated to cover your mouth when you coughed, but no one paid attention to the signs. She sat behind her desk and smiled, greeted, typed and made small talk for four hours. Even as she interacted with the patients her mind still strayed to what Dr. Stewart said earlier: that ‘she needed to get out more’.

That was the same thing her sister Trish said to her just yesterday when they talked on the phone, but when her sister said ‘get out,’ she meant hitting up the club scene. April wasn’t the club kind of girl. Why would she want to spend her Friday night at a crowded bar full of drunken people with smoke billowing from their mouths, clouding up the room? Second hand smoke was just as deadly as first hand. She would rather stay home and watch The Discovery Channel. Whales were more interesting than some males.

She didn’t even own club attire. Her wardrobe consisted of T-shirts, jeans, and the business suits she wore to work. The sexiest thing she owned was a pair of silk pajamas her sister bought her for Christmas, and she only wore them on special occasions. Unfortunately, no special occasion had occurred yet so the cute purple pajama set was still in the gift bag she’d received it in. Her sister called her lame, but April didn’t think of herself as lame at all.

Lame was driving drunk at night and running the risk of going to jail, killing yourself, or killing someone else which her sister seemed to do far too often – the driving drunk part not the killing part. That wasn’t fun to April. She hated when people judged her without getting to know her. She could be fun. Not the gyrating on the dance floor kind of fun, but still fun. April pushed the thought of clubs and the comment Dr. Stewart made from her mind.
So what if she was a nerd girl?

Her online followers loved her nerdiness. They even called her daily posts fun and creative. She’d rather be a nerd girl than a bimbo.
Speaking of bimbos… April smiled up at her last patient of the day. The woman was tall and curvaceous, the exact opposite of her. She watched the woman sashay away from Dr. Stewart’s examination room and head over to her desk. April resisted the urge to roll her eyes.

This woman was probably tons of fun, the gyrating kind of fun. She resembled the type of women Dr. Stewart dated. Sexy and senseless was how she described his dates.
Why, April? Are you jealous?
Her bitchy conscience was at it again.
Yes, she was a little jealous, but only because women like this got all of the good men and April didn’t understand why. Most of Dr. Stewart’s dates didn’t have an original thought in their head. They agreed with everything he said and followed him around like little puppies. How could any man find that attractive?

This woman was no different than the rest. She walked as if she was a model walking on a runway rather than a patient walking down the hall of a clinic. April already had the stunning brunette’s prescription ready. The doctor prescribed the patient pain pills for her back.

Maybe if she hadn’t gotten such enormous breast implants her back wouldn’t be hurting.
Stop being jealous, April.

If Nicole were here she would call April a hater.

“Here’s your prescription, Ms. Haney. I hope you start feeling better. Remember to call us if your condition worsens, okay?” April smiled at the brunette, who nodded her head and smiled back. The smile lit up her face, making her even more beautiful. How unfair was that? The woman took the prescription from April’s hand, but she still lingered at the desk.

They were officially closed and as soon as Ms. Haney left April would be able to lock the doors and go home. The woman didn’t move. April began tidying up her desk, hoping that would signal to the woman it was time to go. The lady still didn’t catch on.

April tidied louder, slamming books closed, hoping to get her attention. It didn’t work. Ms. Haney stood on her insanely high heels and twirled her prescription around in her hand. Her eyes were glued to the back of the clinic, where Dr. Stewart was.
Oh, so that was why she was lingering. Well, she would have to do her man-hunting on another day. Today, April had plans and they didn’t involve staying late at work while the doctor flirted with a patient.

“Ms. Haney.” April tapped her nails against the top of her desk. The woman still didn’t seem to hear her. April stood up and walked around the desk to stand beside her. Ms. Haney appeared to be in her own little world as she waited on the doctor to come out of his office. April frowned when the woman licked her lips and pulled the top of her dress down a couple more inches. Here was yet another woman with her eyes on Dr. Stewart. Was there any woman in Chicago that didn’t crave this man’s attention?

“Ms. Haney,” she called again, this time a little louder, but once again the woman ignored her. The tall brunette leaned against April’s desk and continued to stare toward the back office with a sinful glint in her eyes. She didn’t seem to be in any pain. She seemed aroused.


April didn’t feel like dealing with another one of Dr. Stewart’s groupies. She had more important things to do, like go home and try on her costume. April straightened her posture and stood as tall as she could. She was still shorter than the brunette.

In her best I-mean-business voice, she said, “I’m sorry Ms. Haney. We are closed for the evening. If you need further assistance we will have to direct you to the hospital.”

There, she’d said it. It was time to go. Ms. Haney would have to lust over Dr. Stewart some other time.

“What did you just say to me?”

Ms. Haney turned to her as if noting her presence for the first time. Gone was the polite smile from earlier. April took a step back. If looks could kill, Ms. Haney would be a murderer and April would be lying on the floor, not breathing.

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