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The Dragons of Dragondor.


TITLE – The Scariest Halloween Ever
SERIES – Dragons of Dragondor
AUTHOR – Monica Garry
GENRE – Children’s Book/Middle Grade
PUBLICATION DATE – November, 06, 2014

Dragon In A Full Moon Night


~This is guaranteed to be the scariest Halloween ever!~

Dontae of Dragondor loves scaring his little sister, Pattie.
He likes making her believe that scary goblins live in the village outside of their Kingdom. But this time Dontae has gone to far. Now his sister is afraid to go trick or treating. His mother is tired of him telling Pattie scary stories. So she told him if Pattie doesn’t go trick or treating, then he doesn’t get to go trick or treating.
Dontae and his friends – Larry, Gio, Sabyn, Nathan and Jagar have one day to convince Pattie that Halloween isn’t scary. They come up with a great plan. They’ll just go down to the village themselves and prove to Pattie that Goblins aren’t real.
Will they erase Pattie’s fears in time for Halloween? Or will their trip to the mysterious village leave them just as scared as she is?





Pattie scrambled to the corner of the room, clutching her teddy bear to her chest.
“You’re lying,” she said, her voice shook with fear. “There is no such thing as a Halloween goblin.”
“Yes there is.”
“No, there’s not.”
“Yes there is.”
“When I get to school tomorrow, I am going to ask Mrs. Donaldson.”
“You can’t ask her.”
“Why not.”
“Mrs. Donaldson won’t be back at school until next week. She’s gone on vacation,” Dontae told her, which wasn’t a lie.
His friend, Gio, was in Mrs. Donaldson’s Fire Breathing class. He’d told Dontae that the class was going to have a substitute teacher for the rest of the week because Mrs. Donaldson was taking a mini-vacation.
So there was no way Pattie could ask the teacher if the Halloween goblin was real or not. She could ask her next week. But by then Dontae and his friends would have already had their Halloween fun.
“You’ll have to wait until Mrs. Donaldson comes back before you can ask her,” he told his sister.
“Did she go on vacation because she was afraid the Halloween goblin would come again this year, and she didn’t want to be here when he came?” Pattie asked.
Dontae and Larry nodded their heads yes. Dontae couldn’t believe his sister was really falling for their story. Every dragon knew that goblins weren’t real. Pattie was probably the only one who would fall for something like this. Dontae decided to push her further.
“I’ve heard of the Halloween goblin before too,” he told his sister. “But I never told you about it because I didn’t want to scare you.”
“Why are you telling me now then?”
“Because I needed to warn you. I heard that this year the Halloween goblin is looking for a certain type of dragon to steal from and to eat.”
“W-what type of dragon?”
“This year he only wants little girls.”
Pattie swallowed. “Really? I’m a little girl.”
“I know. But he’s not looking for just any little girl. He wants little dragon girls who love princesses and the color pink.”
“I-I love princesses and the color pink,” she said.
Dontae gave her a sad look. “I know. That’s why I’m telling you. Tomorrow night, when we go trick or treating, make sure you stay next to me. And whatever you do, don’t wear pink and don’t dress up like a princess. Make sure you tell your friends too. I don’t want the Halloween goblin attacking any of you. But if it does, I’ll try to protect you. But he’s bigger and stronger than I am. I may not be able to save you from him.”
“But I’m dressing up as a princess for Halloween,” Pattie cried. “Mama has already made my pink costume and my gold crown. And Kambri is going as a good witch. Her costume is pink, purple and silver. It’s too late for us to get new costumes made.”
Dontae sighed dramatically. “Like I said, I’ll try to protect both of you. Maybe together, Larry and I can defeat the Halloween goblin.”
Pattie didn’t look convinced. “You and Larry cannot defeat a goblin by yourself. You’re only ten. It’s going to eat both of you and then eat Kambri and I. I’m not doing it. I’m not going trick or treating.”
Inside, Dontae was cheering. It worked. His plan to go trick or treating without his sister and her friends had worked. He was happy, until he saw tears begin to spill down Pattie’s cheek.

Meet the Dragons of Dragondor Cast:


Author Monica Garry is a Clinical Laboratory Technician by day and a writer by night. Since she’s a part of the medical field a lot of her characters have jobs as Doctors, Nurses, Laboratory Scientist and etc. When she’s not working she enjoys reading, writing, and shopping. She enjoys traveling though she’s not much of an outdoors person. Give her an air-conditioned room, a good book, a cup of coffee and she’s in heaven.




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